"Let's Get It Sold"

~ Peter Kima
Professional Signs

Our signs are installed by a professional third party sign company. They arrive and install the sign in a position that is most effective for the public to see. The white post is freshly painted and to that is hung our professionally designed aluminum panel sign and “Coming Soon” rider.

Our signs have a Marketing Phone Number on the panel that rings directly to our Buyer Team. That team has already previewed the home and has full knowledge of the key components of the home, floor plan, etc, prior to the sign being installed so that they can engage the potential buyer.

What happens when my home is live on the market?  The sign company will come back to the home, remove the “Coming Soon” rider, and install an 800-number rider. Potential buyers when calling that number will listen to a detailed description of your home while a text message is sent to our Buyer Team along with an email sharing a phone number. Our team will attempt to engage with the potential buyer in an effort to show and sell your home.
Do you have flyer boxes attached to the sign? Typically not, because it’s not engagement marketing. We want to engage with prospective buyers and those with interest. If someone is interested in the property, they will either call the number on the sign or visit the home online. We find that flyers are for nosy neighbors and end up on the floorboard of cars. Your home’s story can not be told on one sheet of paper.
Social Media

During our walk through, the Marketing Director will take preliminary photographs of key features and components of the home, both interior and exterior, and those will be features throughout our social media channels – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. The preliminary photographs will be used throughout the “Coming Soon” marketing phase in rotation and shared by our team in Facebook Community Groups, specific Realtor Networking Facebook Pages, adding specific hashtags to Twitter and Instagram and other marketing efforts that have proven track records for success for a large reach.


Some of the preliminary marketing photographs will be utilized towards contest opportunities on our Kima Real Estate Group Facebook Page. We run these contests in an effort to gain community involvement for the exposure of our clients listings prior to them going live on the market. We share photographs of key components of the home along with listing special features. Contests are typically run on our Facebook page for 24-48 hours and during that time are boosted via Facebook ads, shared through numerous Facebook Groups and Pages, and shared by our team. Once the contest ends and the home is live on the market and the winner to the contest is announced, the link to the home is shared.


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