COMMUNICATION – What Makes Us Different 


The #1 complaint about real estate agents is the lack of communication. This is critically important to our team. It is our intention to never hear this complaint about our team. We communicate with our clients consistently, effectively and thoroughly. WE GUARANTEE IT. The team has invested in systems that allow us to keep our clients in the loop at all times. Each Monday the seller will get a call from our team with updates about their listing. Sometimes this isn’t enough, therefore our system sends an automated email to the seller daily listing out the marketing activities that our team has performed the previous day. Sellers no longer have to question what it is that their listing team is doing. Each seller has the direct cell phone number for all members of the listing team. Our communication doesn’t end there. As we attempt to keep the sellers informed at every step.

Another powerful level of communication that we are highly engaged on is feedback after showings. We won’t stop asking for that feedback from the showing agents until we get it. It’s crucial for both the sellers and us as the listing team to have that feedback from the potential buyers and the showing agents perspectives. While some agents will let the showing system send out the emails asking for feedback and leave it at that, we will pick up the phone and call daily – sometimes multiple times a day – asking for feedback until we have an answer. We realize how important feedback is.



Much like a baseball team, you wouldn’t want your big slow of foot home run hitter be the person stealing bases. Nor would you want your starting pitcher be your closer. Our real estate team has dedicated specialist for every part of the process.

Your listing team consists of many specialists including Lead Listing Agent, Marketing Director, Closing Coordinator, Vendor Partners, Closing Attorney, etc.

One of the many values of a team is being able to reach out to more than one person. If you need to communicate with someone on our listing team and you can’t reach one of us, there are additional people to reach out to. Our sellers have access to each team member’s direct cell phone number. While we do have personal lives and kid’s baseball games on the weekends, school events, vacations, etc – we do strive to have someone on the team always within reach for our clients.


What is Brivity?  Brivity is a great communication tool that will email our clients daily on tasks that our team does on a transaction. These daily emails will list a recap of items that our did in regards to the clients listing for the day prior. Many of these items our clients will already be aware of, but it also gives them some insight into some ‘behind the scenes’ tasks that we complete. It’s a powerful tool that keeps our clients in the loop on what is going on with their transaction.

The communication from the team always kept us in the know and never guessing on what was going on with our house.

~ Joel B

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