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Our reach through engagement marketing is dynamic to our marketing efforts for our client’s listing success. A lot of time, money and energy is spent defining our marketing strategy to be precise in reaching our target market. Your home has a story to tell and we will tell it through a variety of marketing resources. The words “passive marketing” are not in our vocabulary. From pre-listing Facebook contests to professional lead capturing signs to our Seller Says campaigns – giving sellers a voice in marketing their own home, it is our intention to engage with the potential buyer of your home.

Professional Signs

Our signs are installed by a professional third party sign company. They arrive and install the sign in a position that is most effective for the public to see. The white post is freshly painted and to that is hung our professionally designed aluminum panel sign and “Coming Soon” rider.

Our signs have a Marketing Phone Number on the panel that rings directly to our Buyer Team. That team has already previewed the home and has full knowledge of the key components of the home, floor plan, etc, prior to the sign being installed so that they can engage the potential buyer.

What happens when my home is live on the market?  The sign company will come back to the home, remove the “Coming Soon” rider, and install an 800-number rider. Potential buyers when calling that number will listen to a detailed description of your home while a text message is sent to our Buyer Team along with an email sharing a phone number. Our team will attempt to engage with the potential buyer in an effort to show and sell your home.
Do you have flyer boxes attached to the sign? Typically not, because it’s not engagement marketing. We want to engage with prospective buyers and those with interest. If someone is interested in the property, they will either call the number on the sign or visit the home online. We find that flyers are for nosy neighbors and end up on the floorboard of cars. Your home’s story can not be told on one sheet of paper.
Coming Soon Marketing Campaign

The reason behind our Coming Soon Marketing Campaign is that we want to create buzz around your listing prior to is going live. Sharing photographs, special features, highlights of the area and neighborhood. By doing this, we have proven success of shorter days on marketing with a full Coming Soon Marketing Campaign.

During our pre-listing walk through and/or when the home is ready, our Marketing Director will take preliminary photographs of key features and components of the home, both interior and exterior, and those will be featured throughout our social media channels – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

The preliminary photographs will be used throughout the “Coming Soon” Marketing Campaign and shared by our team in Facebook Community Groups, specific Realtor Networking Facebook Pages, adding specific hashtags to Twitter and Instagram and other marketing efforts that have proven track records for success for a large reach within our community.

Some of the preliminary marketing photographs will be utilized towards contest opportunities on our Kima Real Estate Group Facebook Page. We run these contests in an effort to gain community involvement for the exposure of our clients listings prior to the the home going live on the market. We share photographs and key components of the home along with listing special features. Contests are typically run on our Facebook page for 24-48 hours and during that time are boosted via Facebook ads, shared through numerous Facebook Groups and Pages, and shared by our team. We’ve had amazing success with these contests and have had a reach of over 20,000 people from this type of marketing, including hundreds of comments/guesses.

Once the contest has run it’s course, typically over 24-48 hours, we then announce the winner at the same time that we announce that the listing is live, and share the link to view the professional photographs, video and additional information about the home.



Continued Marketing Campaign & Syndication

After the listing goes live on the market, we continue marketing efforts moving forward including posts to social media on a specified circulation both on our Facebook page, community groups, Realtor® groups, etc as well as through Twitter and Instagram. Between our continued marketing efforts, syndication, open houses, blog posts – your listing is sure to be in front of thousands of people daily.




Who knows the home best? The sellers! We’ve found a way to give the sellers a voice in marketing the home. We have have created a tool that allows the seller to share and include what they love about their home, their favorite restaurants, and the area, etc. We use this information to create organic online traffic.

Allowing people to think about which local shops and restaurants they’ll visit when they move, where they’ll get groceries, which parks they’ll go to – it all helps with the emotional connection that they’ll make with the home. People buy and sell homes based on emotion, and this helps with that emotional engagement tremendously. 

We’ll reach out to all businesses mentioned, and ask that they share this information through their social media networks. Local restaurants, boutiques, etc love the interaction, and when they share the blog post it helps get the word out about your home their contacts!

It’s true engagement marketing. RaleighListing.com is one of our favorite things to share…


Open Houses

Did we mention we don’t do things passively…? No one wants to waste their weekend time sitting at an open house that no one comes to… We sure don’t!

As was mentioned briefly in the Continued Marketing Campaign Section above, we heavily market our Open Houses.

Open Houses are scheduled ahead of time and are well thought out. We have action plans in Brivity specifically for Open Houses and the tasks for our open houses are plentiful. We post the open house dates and times on the Multiple Listing Service and that allows the open house to syndicate our to numerous well known home search websites, as well as our own.

We have an entire social media marketing campaign around open houses throughout social media networks including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We create graphics to attract attention, post on specific community groups and network pages and post with enough lead time to make an impact.

Our team creates two sets of flyers – one is an invite to the 20 nearest neighbors inviting them to the open house. Now is a GREAT time for them to pick their neighbor! And the second set is to keep on the counter of the open house. These flyers are high impact with beautiful photographs of the home, bullet point features of the home and full descriptive review that we’ve crafted about the home.

In addition, our agents place open house signs in the yard ahead of time advertising when the open house will be held, and directionals the day of the open house with balloons for additional exposure.

We want to create a parade of people to come to your open house!

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