"Your open houses created a parade atmosphere!"

~ Christina B.

“We love to do open houses. It’s another part of our massive marketing exposure that we give to our listings. We feel that we do them better than anyone else. No one wants to sit around and waste 3 hours on the weekend. We work hard to give ourselves the best opportunity to drive traffic and meet potential buyers. We want to sell that house and meet as many people as possible. We love creating a parade like atmosphere.”  ~ Peter Kima

Scheduling An Open House

Open Houses are scheduled ahead of time and are well thought out. We will typically only schedule an open house with a minimum of 4-5 days notice. It takes time to properly market an open house to the extent that we do.


We post the open house dates and times on the Multiple Listing Service and that allows the open house to syndicate our to numerous well known home search websites, as well as our own.

A few of the many sites that open houses will be posted include Zillow, Trulia and

Open House Social Media Campaign

We have an entire social media marketing campaign around open houses though out main social media networks including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We create graphics to attract attention, post on specific community groups and network pages and post with enough lead time to make an impact.

Open House Signs & Flyers

Our team creates two sets of flyers – one is an invite to the 20 nearest neighbors inviting them to the open house. Now is a GREAT time for them to pick their neighbor! And the second set is to keep on the counter of the open house. These flyers are high impact with beautiful photographs of the home, bullet point features of the home and full descriptive review that we’ve crafted about the home.

In addition, our agents place open house signs in the yard ahead of time advertising when the open house will be held, and directionals the day of the open house with balloons for additional exposure.

Feedback Follow-Up

Another powerful level of communication that we are highly engaged on is feedback after showings. We won’t stop asking for that feedback from the showing agents until we get it. It’s crucial for both the sellers and us as the listing team to have that feedback from the potential buyers and the showing agents perspectives. While some agents will let the showing system send out the emails asking for feedback and leave it at that, we will pick up the phone and call daily – sometimes multiple times a day – asking for feedback until we have an answer. As sellers, we know how important this feedback is, whether there is potential interest or not.

Broker Open House

When appropriate, we will host a Broker Open House – where we invite select Realtors® from our Market Center and other local real estate offices in the surrounding area to an open house. During this open house, we are asking for them to walk through the home and share it with their database of clientele. While these agents have already seen the home online through the Multiple Listing Service and through our online marketing efforts, sometimes it’s valuable to invite them to come out to the home in person to experience the home first hand.

Action Plan For An Open House

We have action plans in Brivity specifically for Open Houses and the tasks for our open houses are plentiful.

Some of the items in this action plan set forth for our team are:

  • Select Agent for Open House
  • Email Agent Our Open House Expectations and Instructions – We expect agents to follow our model. 
  • Add Open House to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • Agent to Preview Home (if applicable)
  • Agent to Reverse Prospect to Database prior to Open House
  • Open House Posted to Kima Real Estate Group Facebook Page
  • Open House Posted to Kima Real Estate Group Twitter Account
  • Open House Link Sent to Sellers for them to Post
  • Open House Image Posted to Instagram
  • Agent to Post Open House to Their Facebook Profile
  • Create Open House Flyers
  • Create Open House Invitiations
  • Lender Prepares an Open House Mortgage Flyer
  • Agent to Invite 20 Neighbors to Open House – People want to live near people they know. 
  • Directional Signs Out for prior Open House
  • Open House Sign in Front Yard prior to Open House
  • Balloons on Signs prior to Open House
  • Post Open House to Craigslist
  • Agent to Post Video at Start of Open House and Share on Social Media
  • Continue to Share Open House through Social Media

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