"We believe people buy and sell based on emotion."

- Foundational Belief of Peter Kima

How We Get Started:

  • All parties agree to working together and moving forward. Exciting!!
  • The team will explain our “agency” relationship.
  • Our listing team will send over questions to complete all needed paperwork.
  • All parties sign listing paperwork, typically electronically.
  • We will get you set up with one of our communication systems called Brivity. This system will update you daily, via email, and give you insight into what we are doing with your transaction.
  • Our Marketing Director will schedule a time to complete a walk through of your home to complete checklists and to get an overall feel of the home for marketing purposes.
  • We will schedule and coordinate our stagers, professional measurement vendor, and any other vendors that we need during the pre-listing period.
  • A lockbox will be installed on the property to facilitate the showing process.
  • We will consult with you to make suggestions on what you can do to make your property more marketable.
  • We will discuss the timeline for placing your home on the market.
  • Once the home is ready for the market, we will schedule the photographer and videographer.
  • Together, we will establish a listing price based upon:
    • Research of recent comparable properties.
    • Consideration of current local market conditions.
    • Your reasons for selling and your needs to have a check in your hand by a specific date.

Pre-Marketing of the Property:

  • A “COMING SOON” sign will be placed prominently on the property, marketing the home.
  • Our team will take some preliminary photographs of the home, when appropriate, for our Coming Soon Marketing Campaign.
  • Marketing will begin with our Coming Soon Marketing Campaign through social media efforts.
  • Coming Soon Social Media Contests are typically run 24-48 hours ahead of a listing going live in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This is done to create interest in the listing prior to the home going live on the market.
  • Buyer Specialists on our team will preview the home to familiarize themselves with the home.

Marketing of the Property:

  • The home will be promptly submitted to the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
  • An 800-number rider will be placed on the for sale sign.
  • The remarks section will be customized to maximize the appeal to cooperating agents, and a maximum of 25 photos will be posted.
  • You will be emailed a copy of your MLS Listing once your home is live on the market.
  • The listing will be placed on our website and syndicated throughout numerous networks.
  • Our Buyer Specialists will immediately begin reverse prospecting our large database of over 10,000 prospects.
  • Main syndicated websites are verified for accuracy.
  • You are contacted immediately after each Showing Agent submits feedback through a third party system, ShowingTime.
  • Our team calls ALL Agents for additional feedback, when necessary.
  • Our team will coordinate an Open House Marketing Plan following going live on the market.
  • Just Listed Marketing Campaigns are activated and run through our social media reach immediately after going live on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
  • We publish a blog after interviewing you on your favorite features of the home, favorite local restaurants and favorite local conveniences.
  • Our team analyses weekly activity and we discuss Market Trends (typically on Mondays), and sharing feedback with you afterwards.

Negotiating the Contract:

  • We will verify the buyer(s) is/are qualified and obtain supporting financial documents to verify their sincerity and financial situation from the Buyers Agent.
  • We will review the contract and all variables.
  • We will review your timeline in the transaction and be sure that this offer makes sense for your timeline.
  • The team will explain any contingencies in the offer.
  • Explanation of your responsibilities in the offer will be disclosed and discussed.
  • An estimation of your net proceeds will be calculated based on a specific offer.
  • There is a second round of negotiations called “inspection repair negotiations”
  • We will advise accordingly on all repair requests.

Contract to Close:

  • Kima Real Estate Group will manage the entire process with you.
  • We will stay in communication with you throughout the process and keep all parties informed.
  • The team will follow up closely on the progress of the Buyers loan.
  • The team will stay in constant communication with the Buyers Agent to ensure a smooth process.
  • The team will advise you regarding specific Buyer requests related to inspections.
  • The team will closely monitor contingency dates and discuss these with you.
  • The team will coordinate the details of the transaction along the process.
  • Our #1 objective is getting you to the closing table and having the process be as smooth as possible.

Our Pledge:

  • The team will always represent your best interests.
  • The team will keep in touch with you on a regular basis.
  • The team will do everything within reason to get your home SOLD as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Our Commitment to Excellence

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