"We believe people buy and sell based on emotion."

- Foundational Belief of Peter Kima



A picture is worth a thousand words, and we know that they can make or break a listing when it’s being viewed online. We use true professional real estate photographers – photographers that are knowledgeable in what it takes to sell a house, what angles work best to showcase homes online. We don’t use photographers who are actually wedding photographers who do real estate pictures on the side – we use true real estate photographers.

They are vendor partners of ours who have teamed up with us for years. We work well together and our expectations are high. We know what they need ahead of time and they know what we expect as well for a finished product. Partnerships in this industry are so important because we are all coming together for the same goal – to get your home sold. It’s important for all parties to have pre-set expectations, the same mindset and goals – and know that you’re working with likeminded people to obtain that end goal. We’re glad to be partnered with such professionals!



Just as important as pictures is video. We don’t use “virtual tours”. Quite frankly, we think they’re boring. As we’ve said before, people buy homes based on emotion, and movement evokes emotion. It makes the buyer feel EMOTION. It allows the buyer to feel as though they are in the home. Movement sells… As you’ll see in many of our videos there are creative ways to create movement – the ceiling fans are on, the faucets are on, the gas log fireplace will be lit and roaring, the flame on the gas stove is flickering, the front door swings open, a butterfly fluttering on a rose bush or a dog may run by – it’s all to help capture the feeling of emotion and connection with the prospective buyer who’s watching.

Just like with photographers, we’ve partnered with professional videographers. We have partnered with people who are the experts in video alone, not someone who is shooting photos and then who needs to run back through with a video equipment. They are two different mediums and therefore two different experts.

The use of both ground and drone video allows us to tell the home’s story.

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